BBC Sounds: Mirabelle Morah: Rethinking Ourselves

Mirabelle Morah speaking

“… And maybe many of us didn’t notice too much of the horrid existence others have been living in because we have been living in our own silos… It seems we’ve slightly woken up to the plights of others.”⁣

Mirabelle Morah

If we’re asking if the world will change for the better after COVID-19, why don’t we also ask ourselves if WE as individuals will change; if we’re treating others better now. After all, we’re the ones who make up the “world.”⁣

Listen to my podcast as well as that of other influential thinkers on the BBC.

About BBC’s Rethink Podcast

Rethink is a unique collaboration between BBC Radio 4, Radio 5 Live and World Service. Launching in July, a week of dedicated programming will see influential speakers including Pope Francis, Dalai Lama, Tim Berners-Lee, Caleb Femi, and myself addressing what we have learnt from the Coronavirus and what, in turn, we can do to improve our lives going forward. These are not throwaway resolutions; they are an opportunity to effect lasting change.

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