Budweiser x National Women’s Soccer League #EqualPay social media campaign strategy

Creative brief

With the New Zealand Women’s World Cup approaching and Budweiser as the official sponsor of the WSNT, the brand aims to revitalize its campaign on equal pay for women and men in professional soccer. The primary objective is to spark meaningful discussions that generate high levels of engagement across their social media platforms making a significant impact in the media. Deliverables include a presentation deck that includes, but is not limited to the target audience, the new product or service, social media content, etc.


For this portfolio classwork, our team researched and came up with a social media plan to show how the demand for #EqualPay, especially within women’s football, has grown over the years. Showing Budweiser’s support for #EqualPay, the campaign strategy revolved around content pillars and educational content that inform social media followers, including aspirational content, depicting women in history who braved the odds to make a great impact in society. This fell in line with the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023.

Pitch deck

Copy of Budweiser by Mirabelle Morah

Click here to download the pitch deck.

Target definition (audience persona and psychographics)

  • Opinion leaders: this includes sports podcasters, broadcasters and influencers who feel emotionally connected to the games. They prefer Instagram to share ideas and information with their community
  • Influential people in positions of power: they are ambitious and actively establish relationships to influence decision-makers. They prefer being on LinkedIn to stay informed of new updates.
  • Gen-Z individuals with a keen interest in gender equality: they actively participate in and support social movements, challenge gender norms and educate themselves and others on gender issues. You can find them on TikTok.

Content pillars

  1. Advocate
  2. Educate
  3. Inspire


This is a portfolio group work done during the Miami Ad School (Miami) Social Media Strategy Bootcamp.

Role: Researcher
Team: Amanda Maxim, Haireti Dilihuxi, Mirabelle Morah.


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