Watch the moment when I was announced as winner of Her Network Woman of the Future Award

The Her Network  Woman of the Year Awards is designed to publicly celebrate, showcase and honour women in diverse industries who are doing great work i.e positively affecting lives/changing the narrative through their work and leaving a legacy for generations to come. The Platform seeks to celebrate all women whose work is of great impact to immediate and extended communities.

Watch the moment when Mirabelle was nominated as winner for the Woman of the Future

The award for the 2018 Woman of the Year Award under the Woman of the Future Category went to Mirabelle Morah.

Woman of the FUTURE category recognizes a young female entrepreneur below the age of 25 who lives an untold story of passion and perseverance towards a project or business. This young woman must be a graduate or undergraduate and have a good reputation with a high potential of building a successful business or platform.

*The Category is being presented by “The Future is Her”. A Women’s Empowerment Initiative founded by Stephanie Coker Adenirokun.

Watch the moment when Mirabelle was announced as winner for the Woman of the Future

Catch the full list of all 2018 award winners here!


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